Clean the cement from the smell – to your puppy it designates the pooping area.

Take your dog out on a long leash at two-to-three
hour intervals to the area designated as the bathroom. Allow him to
explore and get used to the area. When he poops or pees, praise
effusively and then reward him with a few minutes of play, sniffing or
a walk. The dog should be kept near you in the house so that if he
begins to potty inside, you can reprimand (say “nah-ah-ah”) and take
him out immediately. Punishing a dog after the fact is ineffective and
confusing to the animal.

Pertinent information:
One of the first things you’ll want to do is effectively remove all
odors from areas where she has had an accident. A dog may be
triggered to urinate indoors by the smell of the spot where he
previously went. A dog’s sense of smell is 200 times greater than a
human nose!

Two well known products that are good odor neutralizers are Nature’s
Miracle Stain & Odor Remover, and Un-Duz-It. Vets can also recommend
efficient products.

When cleaning up accidents in your home, Do not use ammonia-based
products, as their odor resembles urine and may draw your dog back to
urinate in the same spot again.

When outside choose the spot were you want her to do her business
carefully and she should be taken out on leash to the same designated
spot each time.

This is not walk time or play time; stand in approximately the same
spot and wait for your dog to eliminate. If she does, praise her
enthusiastically. Don’t immediately rush back into the house with her.
Because she will learn to hold on and not eliminate so that she can
get more time outdoors. Instead walk a few minutes or give her a
minute or two of playtime.

When she has successfully peed and pooped outside, don’t fully clean
up the spot, but leave a trace of urine or feces to provide a scent
that will remind her what she is supposed to do there.

There may be an occasional accident in the house. If there is one
don’t hit, don’t yell, and don’t rub her nose in it.

Dogs cannot make a connection between your punishment and earlier behavior.

The result of hitting, yelling and punishment will eventually lead to
her being afraid of you. Just clean up the mess without making a
fuss, and apply one of the odor eliminators/neutralizers.

If you actually catch your dog in the act of eliminating inside the
house, interrupt her and take her outside to the proper place (without
harsh words or punishment). If she eliminates outside, praise her.
Remember to be patient, some dogs take longer than others to

Learn to use the same simple words for accidents and for praise.

“Nah nah” or “No”, for accidents.

“GOOD GIRL” or “GOOD DOG” or “GOOD (name)” Praise with joy and
enthusiasm in your voice. Smile!

Eventually you can get her to go on demand, by teaching her simple
words for elimination. “Go Potty”, “Go Poop”, “Make Pee”.

If you are consistent, watchful, and use the crate, a dog can usually
be housebroken in couple of weeks.


“Keep an important idea in mind: don’t focus your effort on teaching
your dog not to go potty in the house… teach your dog to go potty
outside. Do you see the difference between those two strategies? One
is trying to convince the dog to NOT do something, the other is
training a dog to want to do something. There’s a big difference.

Pick out a good spot outside, preferably a small lawn area. Take your
dog on a leash to this same spot every time. The smell of the urine
from her previous efforts will encourage her to go again. Ever notice
that they sniff for a good spot? Well, guess what smell they are
hoping to find! Do not clean up old poop at this spot until the dog
is completely potty trained.

Teach your puppy words for elimination.
“Go Potty”, “Go Poop”, “Do Your Business” etc.

Use one of these phrases repeatedly as you try to get her to go, then
praise her enthusiastically when she actually does it. Eventually,
she will learn the phrase just as she would any command, and she’ll be
able to do it when you use the magic phrase.

COMPLETELY clean up any potty accidents in the house. The smell of
urine in the carpet will encourage her to go there again, so you must
remove the smell entirely. And remember that a dog’s sense of smell
is about a hundred times better than yours… so if you think running
a damp towel over it is going to do the trick, you are sadly mistaken.
Three little words for you: Carpet Cleaning Machine. Get one!

At night, place the dog in a tightly enclosed area with room enough
only for a pillow or dog bed. A dog will not pee or poop in their
own bed if they can possibly hold it. Take advantage of this and
limit their night-time sleep area so that there is nowhere to go
without soiling their own bed. The easiest way to do this is to place
the dog in a crate or a box that is tall enough to keep the dog from
jumping out. Take the dog outside for a pee or poop FIRST THING in
the morning. If the dog has soiled the bed by the time you get there,
you’ll know the dog could not hold it all night. The following
evening, wake your spouse up at 3 AM and instruct them to take the dog
out for a potty break.

Make sure there is always a way for the dog to get outside without
your help… for example, a doggie door, or a door left open. Don’t
expect that the dog will alert you when she wants to go outside. If
it is impossible to provide a way for the dog to get outside without
your help, hang a small bell next to your back door and teach the
puppy to play with it. This way, if the puppy goes to the door hoping
to be let out, she’ll play with the bell and you will know to get up
and let her out.

All indoor activities should be preceded by taking the dog out for a
pee or poop. Your carpet will appreciate it.

Whenever your puppy cries or whines, assume she has to go potty!
You should also assume your puppy needs to go potty
immediately after she wakes up from a nap.

Stop water intake a few hours before bed time. This will help the
puppy sleep through the night without waking you up to go outside.

Praise the dog when it poops or pees in the right spot, GENTLY scold
when it does it in the wrong spot. As with any training, do not ever
hit the dog. You want her to be your friend, right?

When taking the dog outside for a pee or poo, use a leash. You’ll be
able to control the dog better, and keep it from fooling around when
there’s business to be done.”

Sources: Personal opinion
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