The Trials of City Dog Owners

The life of an urban dog lover is not always easy.   Living in a high rise, or cramped in a small apartment, having little to no backyard, and a sidewalk for a front yard doesn’t exactly spell out the storybook environment for raising canines. But dog lovers are dog lovers and they will not be deterred: they make do.

Many city dwellers settle for smaller dogs, like Chihuahua and Shih Tzu, bred for small spaces and indoor living, but not everyone.  Some stand by their stolid breed, keeping retrievers and greyhounds.  All of these owners across the board deal with the issues of owning a pet in an urban environment.

Urban dogs rarely have the spacious yards of suburban and country dogs, for one. Much like humans, dogs need exercise and they need to socialize.  They need a spacious open area to run and play.  Sometimes all it takes to change a poorly behaved dog is time romping in the great outdoors.  Interaction with other dogs teaches pets social skills, which can also modify their behavior as they relate to those of their own species.  Instead of opening a door for the dog to run outside, city owners may have the added difficulty of getting the pet down the elevator, or out the three doors to get outside.

Perhaps the most unglamorous aspect of having a dog in a city is dealing with the dog’s waste.  The more dogs one has, the trickier—and messier—it can get.  It’s never exactly been pretty stooping down to scoop up dog poop…especially when you have three dogs, and you’re surrounded by fast moving people as far as the eye can see.

But the fact remains that city dog owners must take care to clean up after their dogs’ droppings.  Most cities in the U.S. have strict rules and regulations for cleaning up after pets.  The good news is it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Carrying around dog poop bags is a simple way to make life easier.  A roll of these poop bags looks similar to a roll of produce bags at the supermarket, but these thin yet sturdy bags are sized for the material at hand.   A variety of biodegradable dog poopbags are on the market, providing an environmentally conscious way of handling the situation.  Both the bag and its contents decompose into the organic components from whence they came.  Pet owners can throw a roll into poop bags, or pocket, or for added convenience, put them in a dispenser.

To purchase biodegradable dog poop bags go to  These bags are available in many colors, and made to fit most poop bags dispenses currently on the market. Look for deals on free shipping.

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