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Doggie Digestion

Have you ever wondered if dogs digest their food the same way humans do?  Maybe you have heard not to feed your dog like you feed yourself, and have wondered why that is. The answer, in short, is that a … Continue reading

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What NOT To Feed Your Dog

Fido and Wishbone might come sit at your feet during dinner, drooling over what you and your family are chowing down on.  You might be tempted to toss your pup a scrap of meat, and little Johnny might sneak down … Continue reading

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Diseases Associated With Uncared For Dog Poop

Many people think to themselves that if dog poop is natural, why should they worry about cleaning it up? Would you ask that question pertaining to a newborn baby or small child?  No, you would know that you must clean … Continue reading

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The Trials of City Dog Owners

The life of an urban dog lover is not always easy.   Living in a high rise, or cramped in a small apartment, having little to no backyard, and a sidewalk for a front yard doesn’t exactly spell out the storybook … Continue reading

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